Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ciao Capri

It's our last full day in Capri, and having had a wonderful, relaxing, and girth enhancing time, I can honestly say I'm ready to go home. There's only so much beautiful weather, lack of pollution, delicious and inexpensive food, and friendly townspeople a person can take. I mean, come on, seriously, who could put up with all that indefinitely?

We've seen the sites, done the touristy thing, and have even become friendly with a few of the local people here who own restaurants. They seem to like the fact that we can't get enough of their seafood sphagetti with loads of olive oil and garlic.

I'm hoping our wedding pics will be at home upon our return, if only so that I can cringe at my shiny T-zone, and lament the fact that I didn't spend more time applying Clinique double matte face powder, instead of wondering around worrying why more people weren't dancing. Also, when I've had time to settle back into London life, and all the work that awaits me (three new websites!), I might brave a more comprehensive wedding post - with all the details.

There's a few people who have taken photos at our wedding too, and I'll do a good old mass linkage post to to all their stuff on my return.

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