Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chinese Whispers

If you were on the celeb news sites last night, you'd have thought David Hasselhoff's daughter had attempted suicide. All this because, apparently, Hoff's eldest daughter called him (he was boarding a plane at the time) and told him her younger sister had been scratched by the cat (and was bleeding). He in turn called 911 telling officers his daughter had cut herself.

I visited one of the breaking news links on the story last night, and all these people were pontificating how the child's attempted suicide was clearly a desperate cry for help, how tragic it was with her parents divorcing and all, when in actuality she was probably trying to dress up the cat in Bratz clothes.

I'd link to the original suicide story, but it looks like TMZ have taken it off. Oops.

Can you imagine that poor kid going to school today? Well, she'll probably be considered cool by the Goths at any rate.

Photo: c/o usmovies.1.yimg.com

Update: The latest buzz is that the Hoff did in fact call it a suicide attempt to get back at his wife:
Now Pamela Bach tells TMZ that her daughter never attempted suicide and that David knew it. Bach claims David used his daughter as a pawn, telling Bach, "You're going down. I'm calling the police." More here

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