Thursday, September 21, 2006

Capote and Suri

There's a new Truman Capote film coming out called Infamous, and I can't wait. As much as I thought 'Capote' was excellent, having read his biography by Gerald Clarke, as well as George Plimpton's book, I wanted to see more of the man; the bitchy queen, the liar, the genius, the alcoholic. He really was quite a fascinating and talented person with an extraordinary collection of social contacts, and you just didn't really get a sense of that in 'Capote'. For me it was too narrowly focused on the 'In Cold Blood' case. Anyway, Vanity Fair reckons 'Infamous' delivers all those missing bits and more, with a stellar cast. I'm looking forward to it.

And speaking of Vanity Fair, everyone's probably already seen the photos of Suri Cruise on the net, but I went one further and bought the last remaining copy in my corner shop. They really are stunning photos, and once again Annie Leibovitz shows just why she's my favourite portrait photographer. If I had the cash, I'd love to have my portrait done by her - preferably wearing a Napoleonic outfit astride a horse. You know, it's one thing having delusions of grandeur, but quite another having them captured by Leibovitz.

I've got ants in my pants having been stuck in front of my computer all day working, which is admittedly how most people spend their days. But the weather in London is gorgeous and I feel I'm missing out. I think I may go for a walk and pick up a Starbucks just to suck in all that beautiful almost autumn air.

But before I go, the latest is that Michael Jackson wants to open up a leprechaun theme inspired amusement park in Ireland. God help us.

Photos: Toby Jones as Truman Capote in Infamous, c/o
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise by Annie Leibovitz c/o Vanity Fair, October 2006

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Stormmaster said...

A.L. certainly makes beautiful pictures - but I wonder how long it took them to take the pictures - the poor baby!