Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shit shit and more shit

I'm feeling very depressed. I tried switching over to the beta version of blogger tonight and landed up screwing up coolnina97. At first it was merely a case of it not doing the switchover and so about a year and a half of my stuff wasn't visible. I say merely, because although it was inconvenient and annoying, I could still see all of these non visible entries in my post directory, so though not published, they were not lost per se.

What's happened subsequently is a whole lot worse. As it turns out, my gmail and blogger username happen to be the same. Blogger doesn't like that for some reason, and when I try and log in, it keeps re-directing me to a beta error window. So now I cannot even log in - I cannot access coolnina97 or xxthing - because they all fall under the coolnina97 account.

So, effectively, I am screwed - shut out from my blog, which feels kind of like being locked out of my house and having to sit on the doorstep. Unless of course, those wonderfully smart and handsome chaps/ettes (please god let flattery work!) manage to sort it out and let me back in again, with, hopefully, the whole thing working again. Could it happen? I can only pray.


R said...

Oh crap.

Admittedly I know diddly-squit about computers and all that new-fangled stuff, but you live with a tech-fiend so are in the best possible hands (as well, obviously, as being an attractive and computer-literate young lady yourself). If it's just logging in, surely there's a chance someone at blogger will be able to help? They are sooooo clever and smart and helpful and it would be really really bad publicity for them if something as simple as having a logon that is the same as an email address could fuck up a blog so comprehensively.

As you say, flattery, flattery, might work. If not, go with threats, threats.

Best of British, sweetie. Keep smiling. You around Friday about lunchtime?

letters from london said...

Yup - you had it spot on. Thanks to the amazing technical know-how of Roberto, I was able to find all the cache'd coolnina97 pages, which are now all safely saved. So even if I'm not able to get back in or access those posts again via my blogger account, at least I have them saved. That's a lot of writing I would have lost other wise.

More via email ... .