Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It never rains

On Friday it's one week until we get married. I should be spending these last few days running around getting final fittings and worrying about breakouts, but instead I've got a ton of work on. As a freelancer you can never have too much work, but in this case, the timing could be better. During the day I'm working on ideas for washing powders and designing websites, and my evenings are spent making final preparations for the wedding, and hoping that the very visible spot I've developed on my forehead goes away in time.

We caught up with our friends Theo and Lowri in DC this weekend, which was a treat. I've known those guys since we were at university, and it's always grounding to be in the company of people who knew you when you had a very bad spiral perm (is there any other kind?) and a lousy dress sense, and still chose to hang out with you in public.

While we were in America, the new development in the JonBenét Ramsay case broke. I don't think this John Mark Karr did it. I don't doubt for a second the guy is a disturbed individual with an unhealthy interest in children, but I think in this case he's delusional, and has obsessed over the case and child to such a degree that he believes he was somehow involved in it. The facts just don't add up. Read more about the original case here.

I got to see the Project Runway window in Macy's which was soooo cool, in a very sad way I'll admit. I just love that show - the people are really creative, and it always inspires me to expand my wardrobe past my current T-shirt and jeans phase - but I'm finding it tough going. I assure myself that when I am a best-selling author that has to attend book signings, or invent a cellulite cream that actually works and requires my appearance on the Larry King show, I'll make more of an effort. But working from home with only the postman to see me currently provides little incentive.

And on a parting note - check out K-Fed's debut at the Teen Choice Awards. Awesome doesn't quite begin to describe it.

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