Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Gothic Bride

Last night, more specifically, in the early hours of this morning, my dressing gown hanging behind our bedroom door magically transformed itself into a gothic bride. Specifically, a gothic bride who appeared to have been covered in cling film of sorts. The poor thing looked dead and not very happy. I stared at her long and hard, but she never transformed herself back into a dressing gown, despite my rational mind trying to resurface telling it was so. Also, my loud exclamation upon waking up, of, "What the f**k is that!?!" failed to wake Robert and thereby have him verify that I was in fact just staring at my dressing gown, and not some poor lost soul who had hanged herself on the back of our door.

I hope like crap this isn't some sort of omen, and is rather just a product of my stressed-out disturbed state of mind. It probably didn't help that I watched an episode of
Britain's Next Top Model last night (taped) featuring the girls on a photo shoot as gothic brides. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm loving this year's show. Thank god they got rid of Lisa Butcher, who had about as much personality as a wet lettuce, and don't even get me started on her fake tears when booting out one of the girls. Cringe worthy!

Lisa Snowdon is a lot more down to earth and likeable, and does a good job of presenting the show. Man, there's a lot of bitching in this one - those girls don't make any bones about their feelings, and I think their cat-fights are as much a reason people watch it as anything.

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