Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I know we're supposed to be on a pre-wedding romantic holiday, and right now we should be whispering nauseating sweet nothings to each other over champagne or Horlicks. And trust me, I would be doing these things if it weren't for the fact that Robert is glued to David Sedaris's book 'Naked' laughing so much he is bent over double. So while he slips another disk, I thought I'd blog.

Tonight we ate in the local tavern, which does excellent food, though not quite as bankruptingly expensive as the hotel restuarant. A large American man who had the exact same tone of voice as the brother in 'Everybody loves Raymond', boomed his many opinions at his date throughout dinner, and on one ocassion actually 'shushed' her for having differering political views. From what I could make out he was a Bush supporter, and there was a lot of talk about Gore and corruption, though I can't be sure if the latter two were related or not. He also referred to his ex girlfriends as 'chicks' one of which was 'almost a model' with 'huge tits.'

Another man, an Italian, spent most of his meal barking down the phone on what appeared to be a business call, while his much younger and attractive partner tried not to appear embarrassed at his blatant disregard of her. Personally I would have got up and walked out, but I guess that's why women like me are referred to as high maintenance. God forbid a woman, or anyone for that matter, doesn't understand why a man takes her out and chooses to talk on the phone instead of to her for most of the evening.

After dinner (which was incredibly tasty) we esecaped to the hotel bar to play cards and were there for a mere 15 minutes, before Mr Pro-Bush and his American-Asian girlfriend reappeared. She walked over to us drunkenly and introduced herself, while her large boyfriend loudly exclaimed to the waiter that he wanted a cigar, 'but not a strong one', for the 15th time. I have done a few waitering jobs in my day, and there isn't quite anything like the drunken slob who adopts a superior attitude and makes your life a misery. We stayed another five minutes before beating a hasty retreat, incase he tried to expound any of his views to us.

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