Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cherie Blair in her bathing suit. More self loathing anyone?

I suppose there's a certain freedom associated with starting something from scratch, if it weren't for the frustrating inability to upload a new banner image and do basic things like format a bog-standard template that is. I'm putting it all down to fatigue - rather than any technical inability on my part. *cough*

Right, and now onto Cherie Blair. I was quite shocked by the outrageous response to pictures of the PM's wife on holiday last week, wearing, god forbid, a bathing suit. One columnist wrote:

"I defy any woman not to have cringed when she saw pictures of Cherie Blair sunbathing in Barbados." And "the sudden decision to abandon the sarong and let it all hang out is baffling." And best of all, "Perhaps she believes that currently, when being 'fattist' is so politically incorrect, her dimples are above speculation. Such arrogance."

Such arrogance indeed. I mean, how the hell can Cherie Blair have the gall to think it's OK for her to get into a bathing suit and have fun with her children and husband on holiday? Doesn't she know this isn't allowed? I mean, has she gone quite mad? Or is she, as the columnist pointed out, simply too damn arrogant?

What a load of crap. Sorry, but this really annoyed me. I wasted I don't know how many years of my life not getting into a bathing suit (and missing out on fun) because I was shy of my body. All those university trips to the beach, or sneaking into the student union pool to skinny dip at night? Forget it - I wasn't going to let anyone see my dimpled thighs! So instead I stayed in my room and drowned my sorrows in pizza and beer, when I could have been out having fun, and ironically, getting some well-needed exercise.

Yes, I was a bit surprised to see that Cherie Blair appears to have gained weight. More specifically, I don't think I ever knew what she looked like before, because she's always so tailored - and a well cut outfit does a good job of concealing a bit of extra weight. When R first saw the holiday snaps, he said, "That can't be Cherie Blair! I've seen her, and she's tiny." Well, clearly she isn't - but does it really matter?

I think not. I think good on her for not giving a shit and allowing her pins to get some sun, and more importantly, for enjoying herself with her family. When I was a kid, we had a near-to-impossible time trying to get out mothers or aunts into the pool to join us for a swim. We didn't care if they had a bit of cellulite or fuller thighs, god knows we probably wouldn't even have noticed - we just wanted them to play with us.

Some people are justifying their criticism by saying that she should have covered up not because she's got a fuller figure, but because she's the PM's wife. And I say - that's a load of bollocks. I don't recall anyone ever having a go at the late Princess Diana when she was snapped in a bathing suit on a yacht. If Cherie Blair had a body like her everyone would be on about how amazing she looks, and her choice of bathing suit would probably spark a style trend.

I think the worse thing about all of this, is that most of the criticism has come from other women. Jesus, like we don't hate ourselves enough, we need to get it reinforced by other people too?

Picture: c/o Closer Magazine 19-25 August 2006

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