Monday, August 28, 2006

And so

I spent this weekend catching up with my my mom and sisters in London ahead of our wedding. This included some shopping in Covent Garden, and of course lunch at Ozer - which does the best set lunches. They took every opportunity to remind me that just because I'm getting married, doesn't mean I'm not still their baby sister and they can't take the piss when they want to. This included surprise karata-inspired attacks from Chantell, to which I had to repond, "Not now Kato!"

Robert and I are off to France and are going to try and catch some R&R before the whirlwind that is Friday. Our planner has instructions of finely-tuned military proportions - the poor man, he must rue the day he agreed to take on our wedding.

I'm feeling OK - sort of cautiously relaxed. I've packed way too much though - for practically every eventuality. So in case we get granted an audience with the Pope, or are air dropped in the middle of the Amazonian jungle, I have the perfect outfit, with matching shoes.

I'll be posting our wedding photos up for those that are interested, but will also be dropping the occasional post from France before that.


louise said...

Good Luck!!

Can't wait til Friday!

See you on Wednesday


Amanda said...

Good Luck to you both Lucille :)

letters from london said...

Thanks Mands x